BATMAN VS SUPERMAN 4DX จัดหนัก 3 เวอร์ชันเอาใจแฟน

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  • 18 มี.ค. 2016

BATMAN VS SUPERMAN 4DX จัดหนัก 3 เวอร์ชั่นเอาใจแฟน



สัปดาห์แรกเป็นเวอร์ชั่นปกติคือแอกชั่นได้ครบรส ได้มันส์ ทั้งสองมุมมองครบๆ เต็มๆ จัดเต็ม
สัปดาห์สองเป็นเวอร์ชั่นที่เป็นมุมมองแอ็กชั่นที่เน้นหนักที่แบทแมน ให้รู้สึกเสมือนเราเป็นแบทแมน
สัปดาห์สามเป็นเวอร์ชั่นที่เป็นมุมมองแอ็กชั่นที่เน้นหนักที่ซุปเปอร์แมน ให้รู้สึกเสมือนเราเป็นซุปเปอร์แมน



Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
4DX Promotional Highlights

Spotted! Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is just right on the corner to open. 4DX and all the big fans of DC Comics are thrilled and excited to see what stories are waiting for them behind the curtains. At this point, now is the time for pulling back the curtains on 4DX effects as well. You ready?

 1. How attractively Batman is portrayed with 4DX effects

Let’s take a look at the Batman character – played by Ben Affleck - first. You will see his strong arm and huge muscles covered with black armored suits. He mainly fights hand to hand with grappling guns and gadgets. The 4DX motion chairs carefully take on characterizing his weapons with air shots, heavy vibrations and, at the same time, small but strong pitching movements. When he attacks his opponent with gadgets like grenades, the fog effects spread around with a gust of fan to give the audiences a sense of immersiveness. You’re in the 4DX auditorium and it’s just beginning, but you will already think you’re in the middle of the battle field with standing right behind Batman. With all these 4DX effects, Batman is perfectly recreated as a living figure via tightly controlled motions with intense vibrations and others.

 2. How fascinatingly Superman is described with 4DX effects

Iconic superhero of DC comics, Superman is another character we really have to pay attention to in this movie. Well, Superman looks like a man wearing what Bruce Wayne called ‘dressed like clowns’, but is a god and his actions are mainly featured by two main superpowers: flight and brute strength. At the scene when he swiftly takes off and sharply lands – leaving nothing but dust behind, quick bursts of air shots and strong wind effects are utilized to convey the sense of speed. And this is not the end. With his superpower, Superman unleashes massive blasts of heat vision, accompanied by vibrations that grow steadily in intensity. Focusing on his point of view, 4DX effects are deployed more carefully with more details. This is the only chance to exquisitely experience a feeling of a superpower by just sitting on the 4DX chair.

 3. What others to come?

We never know who’s going to win at the end. However, we all know there are huge different features between Batman and Superman: man versus god. Which side are you on? All in all, in 4DX format, it is so exciting to have a chance to be part of the movie through dynamic and diverse effects in sync with each scene. Additionally, when Doomsday reveals its appearance, the audiences will be thrilled to see lightning effects spark and swift leg ticklers spring out at the moment of the destruction and chaos in the movie. Oh, and we cannot miss our single heroine, a wonder woman. We will witness her powerful and brave actions portrayed with resounding vibrations of her shield and other gadgets throughout the movie.

So we are finally at the dawn of 4DX world that is about to reveal itself and add a layer of immersiveness to ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’. Now, seat tight and just relax yourself on 4DX motion chair waiting for this exciting adventure.

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