19 May 2022

ฉันวาย นายเกย์ ขอหัวใจอย่าเซย์โน

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อากานะ อิเคดะ
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โชโกะ คุซาโนะ


The high student is closeted and gay. Roaming a local bookstore he comes across his female class-mate and notices that she is picking on male homoerotic fantasy graphic novels. The girl wants her taste and preference kept a secret. They agree and become close friends. She professes her love for him. They begin to date, but he is gay.

Jun Ando (Fuju Kamio) is a high school student that hides that he is gay out because he's afraid of what his classmates will think or say. He runs into his female classmate Sae Miura (Anna Yamada) in BL manga (homoerotic stories) area of a bookstore. Sae asks him to keep it a secret out of fear of being ridiculed at school. Sae doesn't know that Jun is gay, and even though Jun is dating Makoto Jun and Sae begin to get closer to one another.


Credit: IMDb

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