04 August 2019

Touken Ranbu The Stage 2019

  • 240 นาที



Historical revisionists, seeking to change the course of history, have begun their offensive on the past. The opposing government of the times has dispatched a Saniwa back to the past to protect history.

The Saniwa, being able to sense spiritual energy, bring out the "Touken Danshi," who are tsukumogami spirits residing within swords. Together with these “Touken Danshi”, the Saniwa dedicate themselves to fighting to protect the course of history.

Touken Danshi are carrying their personal memorabilia. They are moving to a new castle as ordered by the Saniwa.

Life at the new place. They are achieving their roles as Touken Danshi after carrying out their duty at a battle.

Then one day, a new Touken Danshi wrapped in deepening autumn wind shows up.

** กรุณาเลือกโรงภาพยนตร์