15 July 2022

Shabaash Mithu

  • 156 นาที


ตาปสี ปานนู
วิชัย ราซ
Richard Bhakti Klein


ศรีจิต มุเคอร์จี


‘Shabaash Mithu’ is the story of Indian Women’s cricket through the journey of Mithali Dorai Raj, and her team. A coming-of-age film of an Indian girl of traditional upbringing and her arduous quest to make it to the Indian Cricket team.

From Bharatanatyam to Cricket, little Mithu represents every Indian girl's dream to make her family and country proud, against all odds. Keeping her core Indian values intact, Mithu trained in what was earlier recognised mostly as a "man's sport", and rose to fame for giving Indian Women's Cricket centre stage.

The Indian women’s team led by Mithali Dorai Raj, lost the 2017 World Cup finals to England, but they had won the hearts of the world and India with their game.

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