13 September 2019

Section 375

อาชญากรรม , ชีวิต
  • 125 นาที


อาเจย์ บาห์ล


A Bollywood director ROHAN KHURANA stands accused by a lower-class female crew member ANJALI DANGLE of having raped her inside his residence.

Anjali's medical examination by the police shows traces of Rohan's semen on Anjali's body. In spite of this, Rohan protests his innocence while the shaken Anjali insists on getting justice. As the case gains unprecedented media hype, the nation now does not know who to believe? The accused celebrity Rohan Khurana? Or the poor, aggrieved rape survivor Anjali Dangle?

At the Bombay High Court, the debate between maverick criminal lawyer TARUN SALUJA and fiery public prosecutor HIRAL GANDHI heats up as both lawyers produce irrefutable evidence proving beyond doubt their own client's innocence, baffling the judges who are unable to come to a conclusion - was the sex between these two consensual or was it rape...? The case becomes a debate about protection of women against rape versus the misuse of rape laws by women seeking vengeance against their ex-lovers. As the veracity of Anjali's claim is cross-questioned in court, she remains steadfast in her stand that she's been raped.

But what is the truth? Was Anjali raped? Or is she settling a personal score...?

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