05 April 2019

Romeo Akbar Walter

แอ็คชัน , ชีวิต , ระทึกขวัญ
  • 140 นาที


ร็อบบี เกรวัล


RAW, India’s External Intelligence Agency, has been tracking Romeo Ali for a while and he filled all their requisite criteria. He is offered a job that he always dreamt of, that of serving the nation.
All his past records are wiped clean. His journey begins with a new identity, a Pakistani national ‘Akbar Malik’.
Akbar Malik makes his way to the top ranks of the power corridor in Karachi only to land up in a situation where a small mistake blows his cover.
Akbar, cornered from all sides and almost checkmated in this game of lies and deception, decides to play one last move. A move that would be a matter of life and death.
Friends become Enemies; Enemies become Friends.
Akbar Malik, becomes the biggest villain... Or is he the biggest hero that people of India have never known about.
This story, based around true happenings takes you into the pages of history through the tension and the canny intelligence of one of RAW's finest minds.

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