01 March 2019

Luka Chuppi

ตลก , โรแมนติก
  • 126 นาที


Laxman Utekar


Luka Chuppi is a Comedy of errors, set in the small town of Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.


The story revolves around two lovers, Vinod Shukla &Rashmi Trivedi. Vinod works as a Journalist in a small cable TV channel of Mathura &Rashmi arrives in Mathura after completing her post graduation in Mass Media from Delhi. She is the only daughter of local Hindutva Leader Mr Vishnu Trivedi. Rashmi starts working in Mathura Live as an intern for some time. Soon Vinod &Rashmi fall in love during the making of a news report. But instead of getting married, they decide to go for the Live in relationship secretly. Their friend Abbas helps them in every possible way. Vinod &Rashmi shifts to Agra for few days to try this exciting institution. After living in for 15-20 days, Rashmi understands that Vinod is the best guy for her. They decide to go back to Mathura & tell their parents that they want to marry. But before they could leave Agra, their small town conservative families interrupt. The families think that they ran away & got married. But Vinod &Rashmi does not have the courage to tell them that they are actually living in together. The families accept them & the post wedding traditions begin in Mathura. Rashmi arrives in Vinod’s home as his wife. It is an extremely weird situation for both of them as the world thinks they are married but they are not. Slowly this Guilt of being single & treated like a married couple takes over them. Now Vinod &Rashmi wants to tie the knot but they have to again do it secretly. Here the most unique & hilarious situations of the film, that depicts the Conventional Chaos of the Indian Culture & Family System.


A journey that promises so many twists, turns & surprises, withvarious interesting characters that belong to the Fascinating small town world of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

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