17 February 2017

Jolly LLB 2

ตลก , ชีวิต
  • 140 นาที


ซูบาช คาปัวร์


Set in Lucknow, Jolly LLB 2 is the story of the blunt, abrasive and yet oddly compassionate Jagdishwar Mishra, aka Jolly, a small-time, struggling lawyer who has moved from Kanpur to the city of Nawabs to pursue his dream of becoming a big-time lawyer.  
A hustler by nature, Jolly survives by fighting petty cases and using every tactic under the sun to make a quick buck and earn a decent living. Having spent years in the chaotic and dingy court corridors Jolly is looking out for an opportunity that could turn the tide in his favor and help him achieve his dream of becoming a full-fledged Lawyer with a chamber.  

When faced with the glimpse of such an opportunity, Jolly jumps at the chance and in the bargain commits an innocent mistake with irreversible consequences that makes him ready for a big fight with the ruthless advocate Mathur. 

Set against the backdrop of the erstwhile city of the Royals, Jolly LLB 2 is a satire about an underdog attempting to catapult himself to the top of the legal food chain. Anarchy, mayhem and underhandedness, all expressed through wit and a vein of humor, form the cornerstones of this courtroom tale. Get set to welcome Jolly and his own inimitable ways that will not only leave a smile on your face but will also make you look at society and system through a very subtle satirical filter.

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