04 March 2016

Jai Gangaajal

อาชญากรรม , ชีวิต
  • 149 นาที


Prakash Jha


Gangaajal told the story of how a society gets the police it deserves.Thirteen years later, Jai Gangaajal revisits the dusty heartland of Central India, andexamines again the society– police relationship to tell us a new story.

            The powerful, with their vested interests have set up a well-oiled system in Bankipur district.Anyone trying to enforce rules or laws of the civil society is considered as an obstacle and isquickly removed before the status quo gets disturbed.

            At the critical time when elections are due shortly, the Guardian Minister brings in AbhaMathur (Priyanka Chopra) as the Superintendent of Police. As a woman she will be pliable and will be happy to engage with her desk but Mathur is a woman with a will of her own. She finds the ground reality disturbing. The police are either frozen into inaction or have compromised with the system. The injustice to common people rattles her.When one accident catapults the mob itself into meting out raw justice, Mathur finds herself in a deep dilemma.

            Through the din of the crowd’s battle cry, the young woman searches for the voice of her ownconscience.

            Will her spirit be crushed by the powers? Or will she rise to the call of her conscience?

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