16 October 2013


แอ็คชัน , ตลก
  • 145 นาที


อักษัย กุมาร
Mithun Chakraborty
อทิติ ราว ไฮดารี
Shiv Pandit
โรนิต รอย


แอนโทนี ดิซูซา


15-year-old Surya is the hotheaded son of Satyakant Shastri (Mithun Chakraborty), an upright and honest schoolteacher hailing from Benaras. Surya’s constant involvement in fights and brawls has often brought shame to Satyakant. His violent streak eventually leads to Surya being disowned by his father and banished from the village he lives in. Satyakant then takes solace in his younger son Shiv who he considers as his rightful heir. Years go by and Shiv (Shiv Pandit) is now a young man ready to face the world. Satyakant sends him to New Delhi for future prospects where Shiv encounters Ankita (Aditi Rao Hydari). They have known each other from other but this time, sparks fly and the connection starts getting deeper. But there’s one man who stands between their love and that is North India’s most dreaded cop, ACP Ayushman Mathur (Ronit Roy). Ayushman has a reputation that precedes him. He is a merciless killer – only he wears a police uniform. It doesn’t take long for him to trap Shiv in a web of deceit and conspiracy. Satyakant’s world comes crashing down as he sees Shiv’s future being burnt to ashes by a man who has vowed to destroy him. The vulnerable father now has to save his ‘good’ son in any way possible. His only option is to approach his ‘bad’ son who he once disowned – Surya. Only now, 15 years later, Surya isn’t the same person anymore – he is now Haryana’s ultimate hero of the downtrodden. The man who lives larger-than-life. The man who every villain fears. The man who takes contracts for the right reasons and fulfills them to the core. They call him – BOSS. BOSS is just as colorful as his actions. He travels with a massive entourage of trucks that follow him. He has his personal cheerleaders who ‘cheer’ him during his endeavors. He has a penchant for playing loud music when he’s beating up the bad guys. That’s BOSS. When his father approaches him for help, BOSS leaves everything aside and makes his family his first priority. Now BOSS will travel to Delhi to accomplish his mission. His adversaries are powerful people with top connections. But BOSS is a one-man-army. He will demolish everything that comes in the way of his family – be it a dangerous cop or a corrupt Minister. However, he will take his revenge in his own way. There will be loads of action, loads of fun and loads of excitement in this entire journey. The journey that will lead to the ultimate combat in the historic war ground of Kurukshetra where once again, after centuries, good and evil will battle one another. And once again, evil will be vanquished from the face of the Earth. But this time, it will all be – BOSS style.

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