06 August 2017

Live Spectacle NARUTO

แอ็คชัน , แอนิเมชัน
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After parted with Sasuke at the Final Valley,Uzumaki Naruto has been away from the village of Konohagakure to further his training.  Two and a half year later, he finally returns to the village and takes his mission in Team Kakashi, then he finds the clue on Orochimaru.  Naruto leads the team and heads to the place where Orochimaru is in order to save his friend Sasuke.  However, little dose he know that "Akatsuki" is seeking after his life to acquire the Nine-Tailed sealed in his body.
      Meanwhile, Sasuke has developed his power under Orochimaru to get revenge on his older brother Itachi who murdered his clan and became a missing-nin, then he eventually ventures on hunting Itachi.  Will Naruto successfully bring Sasuke back to the village?  What will happen next to the Sasuke's revenge?  What is the hidden truth behind the murder of the Uchiha clan?

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