How to buy movie ticket

Step 1

Please select movie, more than 1 movie can be selected to compare show time


Step 2

Please select cinema and branch, more than 1 cinema can be selected to compare show time for example select Paragon Cineplex and Major Cineplex Ratchayothin


Step 3

Click to view your selected movie show time


Step 4

Click to select your movie show time


Step 5

Our system will show your selected show time in detail.
For the M-Generation Member Please log on to acquire your membership privilege ticket price
For general user, you can proceed to the next step
select seat type and number of seat then click “Select seat”

Step 6

After click “Select seat” then please click “Reserve” or “Buy” (Please select only the seat with “R” letter)
For general user, please fill in your valid email address and mobile number to proceed the next step.

Step 7

After the ticketing finished, the system will take you to “Credit Card Payment” page. Please note, this credit card payment process will be expired within 5 minutes.
Please enter your credit card information then click “Submit”

Step 8

Please check your credit card information and payment amount, then click “Confirm”

Step 9

Your Credit card payment completed, then please click “Return to website for getting tickets” at or wait 10 second to automatically return to Major Cineplex website.)

Step 10

Our system will summarize your ticketing transaction and issue payment code, please bring this payment code to Major Cineplex kiosk panel or at box office VIP counter to redeem your ticket.

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