21 March 2014


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วิกัส บาห์ล


about a small-town Indian girl, who decides to go on her honeymoon alone Rani (Kangana Ranaut) is a 24 year old Punjabi girl staying in Rajouri Garden, Delhi. She is from a very conservative family; her brother escorts her everywhere for her safety. Two days before her marriage, her fiancee Vijay (Rajkummar Rao)meets her in a local cafe and announces his unwillingness to get married to her. He cites that he has changed, and she would not match his lifestyle now as the reason for calling off the wedding. Shocked at the development, Rani shuts herself in her room for a day. She decides to take control of her life and plans to go alone on her pre-booked Honeymoon to visit her favourite place Paris and Vijay's favourite place Amsterdam. After initial hesitation, her parents agree and Rani departs from Delhi. Enter Paris and the city's eye pleasing sights. Here she meets Vijayalakshmi aka Vijay (Lisa Haydon),who has a French/Spanish mother and an Indian father. She also works in the hotel where Rani stays. Initially reluctant and getting into trouble twice already once by local police and once by a robber, Rani decides to return. But soon Vijayalakshmi becomes Rani's friend, confidante and also shows around Paris. Rani enjoys her company and also has series of humorous situation they fall into. On one such occasion, Rani sends her selfie clicked in western outfit and sends it to Vijay and soon realises her mistake. Rani relives the memories of Vijay patronising her for so many of the things which she is not allowed to do. Rani dances, drinks, lets herself free in Paris. She bids an emotional farewell to Vijay and boards train for Amsterdam. Arrive Amsterdam and hostel, which is on sharing basis. With no option and contact to make, she agrees to move into the room on shared basis with three other guys. Meet Taka, Tim and Alexander. Soon, four becomes good friends and move around the city shopping, sight seeing, visiting sex shop, meeting pole dancers in a club. Here Rani's character builds confidence. Rani drives her friends when drunk, earns money in cook-off on sailor front by selling gol gappa. She learns stories about her new friends and understands how different life can be. One day, after returning from Cook off, Rani encounters Vijay who has been eagerly waiting for her outside her hotel. He apologies and asks her to reconsider the relation. Rani advises him to leave after he tries to drag her in front of her friends and they retaliate. Next day Rani meets Vijay and says she will speak with him in Delhi upon her return. She meets her friends for one last time in the rock show she previously canceled. After bidding emotional farewell and realising she has to face her life, Rani returns to Delhi, as a changed person. Upon arrival, she meets Vijay and without saying anything, she hands him her engagement ring and thanks him. Rani leaves his house and is relieved and relaxed. สาขา เมเจอร์ ซีนีเพล็กซ์ สุขุมวิท/ พระราม 3/ พัทยา

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