17 June 2017


  • 90 นาที


Sumire Uesaka, Rina Hidaka, Saki Fujita, Nao Toyama, Yumi Tanibe


Keizo Kusakawa


As the mysterious army, the Abyssal Fleet, continues to destroy the seas, only warships that hold a soul, the Fleet Girls have the power to fight back against them. During the last battle at their headquarters, both sides suffered heavy damages. Special Type Destroyer Fubuki and the other Fleet Girls who took part in the Operation MI managed to secure a victory. However, what await them after the fierce battle are only tougher battles. With the success of Operation MI, the headquarters sends the next fighting force towards the south. The battle area continues to increase as they attack the enemy base. With their new Naval base and the accumulation of battle experience, the Fleet Girls continue to come up with new strategies for their battles. Suddenly, an anomaly occurs to the target they are to battle. What awaits the Fleet Girls are…

** กรุณาเลือกโรงภาพยนตร์