17 September 2017

I Harlequin

ตลก , ชีวิต
  • 90 นาที


Valeria Bilello
Giorgio Pasotti


แมตเตโอ บินี่


Paolo is a well-known host of an afternoon TV talk show. When he receives a phone after a taping of one of his “reality shows” he learns that his father, Giovanni has been hospitalized and returns home to Cornello dei Tassi, in the Province of Bergamo. He discovers that his father is seriously ill. Giovanni, a former theatrical actor, famous for his role as “Arlecchino” has decided to spend his last months continuing to perform with the town’s small theater company in plays inspired by the “Commedia dell’Arte.”

** กรุณาเลือกโรงภาพยนตร์